Marketing for Mahala’s Hope

Since joining the board of directors and marketing committee for Mahala’s Hope Equine Experiential learning nonprofit, I’ve really enjoyed the friendships I’ve formed and the knowledge I’ve gained within the organization.

Prior to joining Mahala’s Hope, I had never experienced equine therapy first hand. It is different than what most think of when they hear “horse therapy”. Most equine therapy organizations are for physical recovery, many dealing specifically with developmental disorders and diseases. Mahala’s Hope, however, specializes in increased self awareness and mental and emotional healing through nature based methods of recovery. Sounds confusing, right?

Even when board members attempted to explain the valuable impact horses and nature can have on an individual’s life, they would always say “you really just have to experience it to fully understand it”, so I said “OK. Sign me up!”

Because of our immediate need to spread the word about Mahala’s Hope to raise funding for our future farm site, I decided to take my experience a step farther by creating a video. This can now be used by Mahala’s Hope members to promote the cause, spread awareness and generate donations. Although videography is still a fairly new endeavor of mine, I find improvement with every video I work on and definitely learn something new every time.