More than a one-trick pony! Painter extraordinaire… sort of.

Greetings, everyone! Happy Friday!

I’m feeling extra spry this morning, despite this darn cold that has been haunting me for the past week or so. Anyway, I have great news! I sold another painting at the coffee shop next door.

A few months ago, I was digging through all of my paintings that have been piling up in the basement and thought, “Hey… I should totally try to sell one of these!”… So I went to the Bagelmeister and had a chat with my pal, Mike, who owns the place. He cleared a space on the wall for my work. Later that week, someone bought my painting! Since then, I’ve sold three paintings, which I consider a fantastic start.

In the past, I’ve only given paintings as a gift or had someone commission a special portrait or landscape. It is pretty awesome to know that people see my artwork on the wall and then say “I want that in my living room. I’m going to buy it”.


So, in celebration of my recent sale, I thought I’d share a few images of some of my most recent paintings. Since variety is the spice of life, I decided to show you a healthy mix of different styles/techniques I enjoy. From landscapes and pet portraits to abstract still life painting, I explore a wide range of style types.

Hit me up if you or someone you know might be interested in commissioning a piece of artwork. I’m always inviting the opportunity to dabble in all areas of art – not just graphic design.